China quarry owner and exporter of chinese slate in a variety of colors for use in roofing, flooring, paving, wall clading, and billiard table

anThe name WESTONE has always been synonymous with the best in Chinese Slate ever since its' predecessor inception in 1983 when the company started it's slate quarry operation in the Shaanxi Province of China, Over the last 20 years WESTONE has consistently produced top quality Chinese slate for roofing, flooring, wall cladding and billiard table.

anWESTONE's investment are in slate quarries, factories, collection beachheads, foreign trading base on family running, who is one of biggest manufacturers and suppliers of Chinese slate in China.

anWESTONE locate at Shaanxi province, which is the biggest slate exporting base in China. The primary quarries of WESTONE lie on the chains of Qinba Mountain, there exists the best slate resources in China. The quarries there have been mined for many years with top quality. Many kinds of slate for your choice, which can be met the American ASTM standard and the British BS680 standard.

anFor the last 10 years, WESTONE has been expending its range of quality exported products. This range now includes roofing, paving, flooring, wall clading, flagstone and billiard slate etc. The color varies in charcoal grey, black, rust, oyster, rose and purple, river green, light green, sea green etc.natural granite, sandstone, limestone, quartzite, travertine, basalt ect. WESTONE process the slate & stone in the various forms like (1) Machine edge cut, (2) Grind polish, (3) Honed, (4) Calibrated, (5) Bullnose, (6) Slabs & Random Crazy, (7) Tumbled, (8) Hand cut edge (9) Mosaic.

anWESTONE is led by a seasoned management team well versed in every aspect of the quarry, fabrication, transportation, foreign trade, finance and who, collectively, have more than 20 years with the company.

anWESTONE has been advocates of quality Chinese slate in long time business, who always mark responsible brand ??WESTONE SLATE?? in all of packing crates if client acceptable, but without shirk responsibility although they also has sporadic fault among the huge output, if any fault happened, WESTONE always arrange for compensation by mutual discussion without any welsh, So WESTONE has very famous reputation in slate industry all over the world. Their many customers finally settled at WESTONE after hard looking for Chinese slate suppliers.

anWESTONE has never sold slate in dumping prices with bad quality, because its shareholders have consensus that WESTONE will be as Spokesman of Best Chinese Slate.

anIn the passed years, WESTONE output have been improved steadily although Chinese Slate always was ups and downs in European and North American market due to some Chinese suppliers and foreign businessman with speculative and short-sighted acts. WESTONE and their distributors have been obtaining lasting benefit.

anThe Guidelines and Ideal: WESTONE always is synonymous with the best in Chinese Slate, they and their distributors are proud of WESTONE SLATE.

---- As a leader of Chinese slate with an honest, reliable, capable character

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